For Election Day

Today my heart is heavy for our country.  Our sins weigh heavy upon us, and we have been misled to believe that this heaviness is a normal, requisite part of life.  But it is not.  We have a choice.  We have been offered the grace to repent, but we have turned our back on that grace and chosen to live under burdens too heavy for us to bear.

To the citizens of the United States of America: Wake up! Hear the voice of the One who loves you, who longs with all His heart to release you from your burdens, to pick you up in His arms and heal your wounded, exhausted, overwhelmed souls.

This is not “it.”  The life you are living is not the only option.  Jesus lived and died and lives again so that you can have abundance of life.  There is nothing He withholds from you.  Everything you need to have the fullest, the richest, the most incredibly joyful life possible–it has all been done for you.  You are His beloved creation, and He desires nothing more than to see you happy–truly, soul-satisfyingly happy.

Dear America, please take him up on his offer.  Hang your heads no longer beneath your unspoken, unacknowledged burdens of shame, regret, fear, and the belief that you are not truly loved–by God or anyone else.  He knows you, he sees you, and He loves you deeply, unwaveringly.  He will never stop loving you, not even if you never choose Him.  But please choose Him…He is so worth knowing.